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Be Careful Of and Avoid

Published On January 10, 2017 | By admin | Tips

Any successful and reputable casinos has money to afford high quality websites – if you go to an online casino with bad design, low quality web pages, awkward design, stock imaging and poor writing stay clear. Other websites that simply cannot afford proper hosting with high volume on-site adverts and aggressive pop-ups could be fraudulent, unsuccessful, and simply better avoided.

Any successful and reputable casino proofs that it uses safe, top quality software – unusual software that you do not recognize or not clearly displaying what type of software is used by the casino is a very bad sign. A great casino will inform its players of software used and how they work.

Any successful and reputable casino has great reviews and ratings – bad reputations do not simply appear from nowhere and an online casino with a bad reputation must be strictly avoided. Bad ratings and reviews cannot be ignored. You have to be realistic as some people are simply upset and give a negative review after they lost money, but the overall reviews will determine the website’s reputation and a great reputation stick even after one negative review.

Any successful and reputable casino will not make unrealistic promises – when you read something about a casino’s offerings that seems impossible and too good to be true, it probably is untrue. If you are promised unbelievable amounts of starting money and guaranteed wins and such, it might be better to give them a miss.

Any successful and reputable casino has been around for some time or endorsed by other established casinos untested and new casinos spring up like weed everyday on the internet. You will find more casinos that you could ever play at thus is it not easier, but indeed difficult when you do not know what to look for or who to choose. A recently made casino with little info, very few links and very plain, log out and try another one. An established and trusted online casino is the way to go and you will also find that places like who is an online casino comparison website will recommend the trusted and best online casinos for playing.

How to Find a Reliable & Safe Online Casino

Simply due to the vast amount of online casino and the fact this it is a multibillion dollar industry will any casino compete for attention from gamblers. Unfortunately because of money would you find unsavoury characters in any line of business and the online casino industry is no exception. Now the question arises, how to determine a reliable and safe website to entrust your personal details and money to and if your pay-outs will be as prompt and secure as promised?

We give you this guide to help you find a reliable and safe online casino

Licenced and regulated

You will find when looking online at safe websites that online casinos are registered and licenced with an approval seal from gambling regulatory boards. Here you do your homework about these bodies that govern the online casino as it will clearly indicate that it supports fair play and guaranteed fast pay-outs too.

Online security

Your security and money is of utmost importance as you want to play with real money and hopefully win some real money too. A site that is secure will have a decent platform indicating clearly that it uses for example SSL encryption, and you can also check the url of the website you visit for example if it is a http:// or https:// URL that it uses. Another good way to check a websites security is looking out for the padlock displaying in the corner, this padlock must be unbroken.

Reputable payment methods

You must look for reputable payment methods that allows transactions via reliable and trusted service providers. Reputable websites such as and only directs players to safe gambling establishments that use payment services that are internationally recognised such as Neteller, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and ewallet facilities.

Games and software

Great games selection is something else a trusted casino will have as well as choice between downloadable or browser based playing. Reputable and safe online casinos have great gaming software with hundreds of games. Look out for names like Microgaming, PlayTech, and NetEnt with top quality software and world class games. It is easy to accidentally pick up viruses when you have to download games from any suspect casinos.