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Dumb gambling mistakes that smart people make

Published On January 10, 2017 | By admin | Gambling, Tips

Everybody regardless of area of expertize makes the most stupid mistakes. Gamblers even though they are very smart both in professional and personal life also fall into this category. We look at the dumbest mistakes and you might even find some way to avoid making one of these embarrassing mistakes too. Even though there never are any guarantee that you will win at the game you play, you will go far when you avoid some dumb and often commonly made mistakes.

Too many wagers at once

Especially in sports betting this happens often with gamblers getting carried away. Random betting at the spur of the moment on various sports they know nothing about is a sure way to loose big time.

Sports betting because of a “feeling”

Sports bettors often “feel” something and simply place a large wager without checking statistics or know anything about the particular sport. For example a horse that simply looks good on appearance with no checking on any facts and runs, jockey, etc. random choice regardless of betting guarantees a face full of cream and an empty pocket.

Not checking Terms and Conditions

It is a fact that Terms and Conditions are placed there for a very good reason and not reading them is one of the dumb mistakes. Online casinos continuously prompt you to accept and players simply accepting often fall into dispute about something regarding pay-outs, limited rules and promotions and more.

No cashing out slot machines

Gamblers especially table players often take a breather from the tables and try their hand at slot machines. The downside or dumb mistake they make is choosing a random machine bet a lot of money and start winning. Eventually they will lose and they do not cash out simply because it will involve paperwork and they rather spend the money won or continue playing until all is lost. Then the temptation sets in that they might win again and the vicious circle continues.

Misreading Casino Game Names

Often you find a player that is used to a specific machine with a name similar to another and they make the mistake to miss identify the game and only once money is bet they see they do not know the game or understand it at all.

Mistakenly sticking to a assumed “hot” game

Many players have made this same dumb mistake and it is something that will probably continue. They will sit at a machine and bankrupt themselves simply because they believe the machine is hot and will pay out soon.

Gambling at maximum bet

Players gamble maximum bet while they can bet minimum and especially when on a losing streak and burning through their bankroll much quicker than anticipated.

Not reading table games rules

Players not used to tables and used to slot machine go to tables and assume the same rules apply and same wagering.

Not budgeting

Even though a gambler enters a casino with the wish to win, they do not budget and when they are unprepared they dig deeper and spend money they cannot afford to lose or spend.