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Golden Rules of Gambling

Published On January 10, 2017 | By admin | Gambling

Everything in life comes with a set of rules, which are more often set by people themselves. The same applies to gambling and everybody who plays ultimately want to beat the house. You seldom find anyone who gambles their own money just for fun. Everybody wants to be a winner and professionals have established specific rules of gambling that when followed increase your hand.

Money Management

Any gambler following the golden rules of gambling have great money management. They set aside an amount they are willing to lose and do not sway from that decision.


When you want to play a game for example sports betting at least know more about the games, players and statistics. The same applies to online games like table games and video games. Check pay-out structures, game rules, winning odds with various wagers, the house edge, and wager required for jackpots, etc.

Specialize in a game

It would depend on the type of gambler you are of course as this rule applies specifically to sports gambling. Particular sports for example boxing, football, or tennis, etc. need a specialized punter that focus solely on that particular sport to be successful.


Discipline is vital as it is important to cut and not chase losses. Never be tempted to play more than your bankroll when you are having a bad day.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol dulls your senses for sure and gambling sure is fun with a great drink in hand and casinos know that. You will find free drinks at tables at brick-and-mortar casinos for a reason, they are not appreciating your business as you thought, but enticing you to lose your inhibitions and discipline.

Avoid betting systems

If you want to take a structured approach with a betting system you do not know or understand you are sure to set yourself up for losses.

Look at Casino bonuses

Everybody always shop around when buying something from furniture to clothing and cars, thus why not do the same with an online casino. Shop around and look for great bonuses and promotions from various casinos you are interested in.

Know everything about gambling addiction

Problem gambling or gambling addiction is very real and very dangerous with millions of people around the world suffering from gambling addiction. This is something to be very careful about and you need to know the signs in order to avoid falling in the same pit.

Quit while ahead

You have set your bankroll and are on a winning streak, and this is incredibly tempting to continue with no end in sight. Do not risk losing what you have won as the casinos are hoping for that. Rather take your win and leave until next time.

The house always win in long term

If you are on a roll and think your streak against the house will last forever think again? Short term it is possible for the house to lose, but the opposite is true in the long term.