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Interesting and Fun Facts about Blackjack that Will Surprise Friends

Published On January 10, 2017 | By admin | Blackjack

Any gambler will tell you that they love blackjack and statistics show that aside from the most popular in any brick and mortar casino in the United States it is also incredibly popular worldwide including online. Some people know a lot about blackjack but if you are not that well versed in blackjack and neither your friends you can entertain them with your knowledge with some fun and interesting blackjack facts.

Blackjack even though incredibly popular is one of the only top table games that did not became a celebrity sensation. When watching top movies with A-listed actors you will find that Poker is predominantly played and portrayed as celebrity game, followed by roulette.

Other player’s actions would not affect your own strategy or game. This is something that most people do not know and this is a big reason why many do not attempt to play blackjack as they hear that their mistake affect others at the table. Your own mistakes cannot affect either your own strategy, change the odds or change the outcome of other player’s hands. What other player do also do not affect you as everybody only plays against the dealer.

Card counting is not an illegal activity as many believe and it is impossible to prevent anyone to think about the game at hand and whether to take a card or not. It is absurd when you think you are no allowed no mentally subtract or add any numbers when you play cards. Should it have been true, how on earth would any court prove that? (Even so, a casino can refuse you entry when they suspect you are a card counter)

Insurance is typical lousy odds and this is true when you notice the house has an edge of seven percent and any side bet during a blackjack game will have a big effect on increased losses.

Video blackjack offers worse odds even though very few realize it and remaining one of the top online casino games. It is rather strange when you consider that video poker is tops and mentally stimulating too.

Getting to 21 or as close as is not the objective is something very few players realize. They do not have to get 21, but instead beat the dealer. If a dealer for example has a four and you have a thirteen, you should not take another card. You have to beat to many odds if you are trying to reach 21 you will bust. The dealer on the other hand stand a big chance to go bust and you should stand on 13.

Your decisions in what your actions are actually matters in blackjack and this is great when you love making decisions in play instead of waiting for the right symbol to fall in place.

Blackjack players can actually earn a good living gambling as it does not have the house edge of many other casino games. Even when you are not constantly winning you have a better chance to play a break-even game.